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Epoxy Polyester Novelties

Series Identification Code: 80

Product Description:

These powder coatings are mainly used for decorative purposes due to their excellent adhesion and weathering resistance. They produce different surface finishes like hammertone, antique, bronze on metallic subtstrates and also can be used as a replacement for dyed anodizing used for coating aluminium.
Applications: Furniture, presentation articles, aluminium sections, garden tools, ironware, hardware.

General Specifications:

Specific Gravity 1.2 to 1.8 depending on product
Particle Size Distribution < 150 micron 100% passing
Curing Schedule 180 deg C (Object temperature) / 15 minutes
Shelf Life Maximum 6 months from the date of manufacture in a sealed carton under recommended conditions of storage

General Film Properties:

Recommended Film Thickness 70 - 80 microns minimum. Except for Starlit range. For Starlit, DFT should be 50 - 60 microns minimum.
Gloss Range @ 60 deg 80% minimum for Starlit range
Impact Resistance 100 kg cm. minimum
Erichsen Cupping 6 mm minimum
Flexibility Bend 6 mm minimum
Scratch Hardness 2 kg minimum
Salt Spray Resistance 1000 hours minimum
Humidity Resistance 1000 hours minimum
QUV Resistance 300 hours minimum (Applicable only for Starlit range)

Our Brands

MARPOL - Accelerating Innovation

The MARPOL Corporate Brand.

Q SHIELD - UV Resistant Powders

Q SHIELD is MARPOL's premium polyester range of powder coatings.



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