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Epoxy Polyester (EP) or Hybrid Powders

These are general purpose coatings where a limited amount of exposure to sunlight is experienced. They have all round generally good properties. The coating has slight orange peel. Most glossy finishes are based on this.

Epoxy-polyester powder coatings are based on a combination of polyester and epoxy resins. This chemistry of powder coating finds its target market in a wide range as a vast range of special effects are possible, hence this chemistry finds wide range of applications. Hybrids perform well in non-weather able applications. 


Curing Temperature

The curing schedule is normally 12 to 15 minutes @ 170 - 180 deg C metal temperature.



This chemistry finds its extensive use in

  1. Domestic Appliances
    • Fans
    • Refrigerator
    • Washing machines
    • Geysers
    • Cooking ranges
    • Sewing machines
    • Mixers
    • Air coolers
    • Air Conditioners etc.

  2. Machines & Equipment
    • Water Coolers
    • Computers & Accessories
    • Photo-copying machines
    • Cameras
    • Lawn mowers
    • Agricultural equipment etc.
    • Office equipment
    • Computers
    • Metal furniture

  3. Decorative Applications
    • Households and Industrial Luminaries Shelves
    • Shelves
    • Bottles for beverages and cosmetics
    • Display baskets
    • Cages
    • Ornamental grills etc.

  4. General Engineering
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Partitioning furniture
    • Briefcase/Suitcase
    • Bathroom Fittings

Our Brands

MARPOL - Accelerating Innovation

The MARPOL Corporate Brand.

Q SHIELD - UV Resistant Powders

Q SHIELD is MARPOL's premium polyester range of powder coatings.



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