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Basics of Powder Coating

  1. Keep the powder in packed condition and in a clean dry and cool place.
  2. Use moisture and oil free air for coating, reclaiming and cleaning.
  3. Keep the gun voltage < 100 KV for regular powders and < 60 KV for metallic powders.
  4. Sieve all reclaimed powder through 125 No. mesh and use the powder along with virgin powder.
  5. Recommended powder mixing ratio of virgin to reclaim is around 80:20. Metallic powders are now recommended for recycling as there could be shade / finish variance.
  6. Check article grounding before coating. Improper grounding will result in powder not adhering to component and powder loss.
  7. Keep seperate hoses for plain finishes and structures to prevent contamination of additives in plain finishes.
  8. Keep the gun tip from component being coated at a distance of 8 to 12 inches to get maximum transfer efficiency which helps achieve better coverage.
  9. Ensure regular and preventive maintenance practices as recommended by pre-treatment and equipment suppliers along with good housekeeping practices to achieve quality in powder coating.
  10. Reduce voltage and powder output while coating edges and areas of powerful back ionisation.


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MARPOL - Accelerating Innovation

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Q SHIELD - UV Resistant Powders

Q SHIELD is MARPOL's premium polyester range of powder coatings.



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