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Our Range of Products At A Glance

Marpol currently manufactures more than 2000 shades of powder coatings in 3 different chemistries for interior or exterior applications. Our wide range of finishes includes textures, structures, hammertone, wrinkle, vein, antique and pearlescent. Gloss levels range from matt to super gloss.

We also offer a range of special purpose coatings such as low cure powders and stain resistant powders for non-conventional applications like pumps, motors, sewing machines, MDF.

ROHS compliant products are also available.


Chemistries / Generics

MARPOL Powder Coatings are currently available in 3 generics: Pure Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester and Pure Polyester in an assortment of finishes, gloss levels and shades.



Pure epoxy powders are based on combination of epoxy resins and hardeners such as DCDA and carboxylic salts of cyclic amidines. These products are recommended for interior decorative applications.

Marpol’s Pure Epoxy Powders are available in two series: Pure Epoxy Glossy and Pure Epoxy Matt.



Epoxy Polyester Powders are based on a combination of saturated carboxyl terminated Polyester Resins and Epoxy Resins. These products are recommended for cost effective interior decorative applications.

Marpol’s Epoxy Polyester Powders are available as 6 series: 
Epoxy Polyester Glossy Series, Epoxy Polyester Matt Series, Epoxy Polyester Texture Series Epoxy Polyester Structure Series, Epoxy Polyester Novelties Series, and Epoxy Polyester Satin Series.

New technology products available in Epoxy Polyester: Low Cure and Stain Resistant powders.



Pure Polyester Powders are based on saturated carboxyl terminated polyester resins and TGIC. These products are recommended for exterior decorative applications. Marpol’s Pure Polyester Powders are available under the brand name Q SHIELD in a range of gloss levels.

New technology products available in Pure Polyester: Low Cure powders.




Marpol’s extensive range of finished includes normal, smooth, structural, textured, antique, clear, pigmented clear, metallic, pearlescent and hammertone.


Gloss Levels

Marpol powder coatings are currently available in 4 gloss levels: Matt, Satin, Semi-glossy and Glossy.



Black, brown, red, yellow, grey, orange, green, blue, pink, maroon, cream, white, metallic silver/gold in various combinations yielding different tones.

Our Brands

MARPOL - Accelerating Innovation

The MARPOL Corporate Brand.

Q SHIELD - UV Resistant Powders

Q SHIELD is MARPOL's premium polyester range of powder coatings.



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